Lost in the Valley of Death (forthcoming)

Harper (US)
Knopf (Canada)

In September 2016, Justin Alexander Shetler embarked on a spiritual journey in a remote valley in the Indian Himalayas. He packed little, enlisted the services of a sadhu—a Hindu ascetic—to guide him, and planned on meditating and sleeping out under the stars for weeks. He never returned.

Shetler had spent three years on the road—from the jungles of Latin America to the islands of South East Asia—searching for higher meaning, for what his life was amounting to, and what lay ahead. India was the culmination of this quest for answers, that led him ultimately into the Parvati Valley. This sliver of the Subcontinent holds a dark past, a place where, over the past two decades, dozens of other foreign backpackers have mysteriously disappeared.

Originally featured in Outside magazine, this is a true story about the dark and dangerous road to enlightenment.

READ “ Lost in the Valley of Death ,” published in  Outside  magazine.

READ “Lost in the Valley of Death,” published in Outside magazine.