Lost in the Valley of Death


In September 2016, Justin Alexander Shetler went searching for higher meaning and vanished in a remote valley in the Indian Himalayas—a valley where over two dozen other foreign backpackers have mysteriously disappeared. A story about the dark and dangerous road to enlightenment


All My Love

Love letters were a crucial lifeline between soldiers and home during the Second World War. This is a story of how words kept one couple—my grandparents—together

The Walrus

Expedition ’67

In the year of Canada's centennial, Yukon hosted the country’s best mountaineers—who set out to conquer 13 of the territory’s unclimbed peaks. Fifty years later, a new documentary celebrates their adventure

Passport 2017

Line of Fire

The summer of 2015 in British Columbia was one of the busiest wildfire seasons in decades. Here's the story of one firefighter who spent fifteen hours in the path of a mountain inferno

The Walrus

Plastic Roads

An ambitions project to use India’s ever-growing waste problem—turning plastic into pavement—for greater good is gaining traction. But is it moving fast enough?